The Benefit of In-Home Care for a Parent Living with Dementia

When a parent has dementia, it can be difficult to manage their care while juggling your own day-to-day responsibilities. Parents don’t want to be a burden on their sons and daughters, but the reality is a parent living with dementia will need focused care and attention as the disease progresses. Working with a professional caregiver can be the answer to provide the care your parent needs while allowing you to focus on your other responsibilities. Here are some benefits a professional caregiver with dementia caring experience can provide:

  • Your parent can receive the care they need in the comfort and familiarity of their home. Unfamiliarity and changes in the environment can cause emotional distress, which can trigger outbursts and other unexpected behaviors from someone with dementia.
  • A professional caregiver can establish a routine around daily activities your parent has become accustomed to doing. Similar to the familiarities of home, sticking to a daily routine can help reduce anxiety and stress. Sticking to the usual morning walk around the block or daily 4 PM television show helps to reinforce a routine the parent has grown accustomed to.
  • In addition to helping with activities of daily living, caregivers with specialized dementia training come equipped with strategies and techniques to care for a person who’s experiencing dementia-causing brain changes.
  • Caregivers provide constant supervision to keep your parent safe. As their dementia progresses, they become less aware of their safety and changing abilities.
  • Because the caregiver’s sole focus is on your parent, they can provide the best care over time because the care will evolve over time as the disease progresses. Your caregiver can also help you understand the changes you are seeing.

At Collaborative Home Care, we understand the complexities of caring for someone living with dementia. Our dementia care starts by understanding the person – their capabilities, personality, favorite memories, and interests, as well as what upsets them or scenarios to avoid. Once we understand who they are, we construct a personalized care plan that promotes wellness, includes activities that the person can participate in and feel good about, and adapts over time as the disease progresses. Equally as important, our care for your loved one allows you to focus on your other responsibilities without having to choose between priorities. To learn more about how we can help, call us at (203) 542-2808 or click here to contact us.

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