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At Greenwich home care we offer a thorough list of services to meet the many needs of our clients. Each one of our caregivers are trained to collaborate with you and your family to create an environment your loved one thrives in.

Collaborative Home Care Greenwich is certified by the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection as a homemaker companion agency (#HCA.0001667) to provide non-medical, supportive services to ensure the well-being and safety of clients in their home.


We take a comprehensive approach to care through our wellness program that addresses the mind, body and the surrounding environment to create a proactive plan for reaching optimal wellness.

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We focus on improving the well-being through conversation, fun activities, help with chores, transportation, and more.

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We can assist with any personal care needs – bathing, grooming, eating, medication reminders, and more.

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Our caregivers are trained specifically on the needs of older adults living with Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

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Collaborative Home Care is ready to provide needed relief. Let us care for a loved one so that you can rest and care of your other responsibilities. We can be there when you can’t.

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24/7 & Live-In

If your loved one needs continuous assistance, we can provide consistent help at home on a daily basis as an alternative to care options that require your loved one to leave their home.

Our Resources page features tips and information you may find helpful, including whether home care is right for you, and much more.

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What We Do

At Collaborative Home Care Greenwich, we collaborate with you and your family to create an environment that your loved one thrives in.

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Our number one goal is to help our clients age gracefully and maintain their independence in the comfort and familiarity of their home, whether they are living with a chronic illness, recovering from an injury, or just needing a little extra help with personal care tasks around the home.

Addressing both the mind and body, our Proactive Wellness Program provides a holistic approach to care by focusing on three areas: Safety, Nutrition, and Meaningful Activities.

How to Find Greenwich Home Care
Right For Me

Finding the right care for a loved one is an important, personal, and often complicated decision. Especially when a parent or close family member is the one needing care, it can be hard to be objective about when the timing is right to get help. The following areas can be used as a guide to determine whether now is the right time to explore home care for a loved one.


Are there any challenges with walking, standing, sitting, or balance? One in four older adults over the age of 65 fall each year and falling once doubles the chances of falling again. While most falls do not cause injuries, an estimated 20% of falls cause serious injuries such as a broken bone or a head injury.


Are family members close by to care for the older adult? Do they have the time on a consistent basis? Even when family support is present and strong, home care can serve as a vehicle to relieve a family caregiver from time to time of caring duties to rest and recharge.


Does the older adult suffer from memory impairment that impacts their daily life? Do they forget to take their medicine or have trouble remembering things that were just told to them or just happened? Do they wander out of the house and have trouble finding their way home?


Is the home a safe environment to mitigate the chances of accidents? Even with proper precautions, some homes and their layout may present challenges for older adults to safely maneuver on a daily basis.


Does the older adult have challenges completing normal personal care activities, such as bathing, brushing teeth, taking medication and dressing?


Does the older adult have regular interaction with friends and family? Research has linked social isolation to higher risks of physical and mental conditions, including high blood pressure, obesity, anxiety, depression and cognitive decline. Regular contact with people and engaging in meaningful conversation and activities helps older adults have a sense of purpose, improves their mood, and can help them live longer.

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Benefits of Greenwich Home Care


Your caregiver’s entire focus is on your loved one, helping them to live independently and live life how they would prefer. Your caregiver can assist with all personal care needs and provide a helping hand around the house. Your care plan is personalized and based on a schedule that is convenient for you.


Falls can happen while attempting everyday tasks such as getting into and out of the shower or walking up a flight of stairs. Your caregiver will be there to assist with these common tasks and identify other potential hazards around the home that could cause injury and potential hospital visit.


As the name implies, with home care, you will be living at home. Ninety percent of Americans 65 and older want to stay at home for as long as possible. Among the familiarity of one’s home, older adults can live in an environment that is comfortable, which can improve mood, feelings of independence, and overall confidence.


Caregivers can relieve a family caregiver for periods of time to allow them to rest, refresh and take care of other responsibilities.


Caregivers help older adults stay healthy by preparing health-conscious meals, reminding when medications need to be taken, and through engaging conversation. As a reliable companion, a caregiver can facilitate participation in activities and exercise in the home and out at social gatherings to mitigate risks of social isolation.


By receiving care at home, the number of people the older adult will come in contact with on a regular basis is drastically less as compared with senior home care facilities.

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